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If you're a duck hunter, bird watcher, angler, or just love the outdoors, you won't believe your eyes once you step inside our magnificent cabin rentals.

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Goose Pond Cabin Rentals offers outdoor getaways that nature lovers and families will love. Our cabin rentals in Linton, IN, are located in the Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area, a 9,018-acre prairie and marsh habitat that’s home to waterfowl, quail, deer, rabbits, and doves. Popular among hunters, fishermen, wildlife watchers, kayakers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, this wetland reserve is an ideal setting for experiencing the serenity of the natural environment. When you’re ready to get away from the stress of the work routine, call us to schedule your next fun family vacation.

Since opening in 2015, we have provided the most modern and well-kept cabins in the area. After the Indiana Department of Natural Resources acquired and restored this precious land, it has remained a popular vacation destination. Word of thesecabin rentals has spread fast, so don’t hesitate to book your Goose Pond cottage. Featuring a secluded atmosphere with conveniences located nearby, the area around our cabins has everything you need for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

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Our location allows for fun vacations that make for excellent bonding time with your family. The stunning sights and tranquil surroundings are perfect for escaping from the bustle of everyday life and letting the outdoors rejuvenate your spirits. Each of our cabins sleeps up to either 4 or 8 people; all are equipped with central air and heat.

All of our cabins are rustic in design with updated kitchens and bathrooms. Cabin amenities include towels, cookware and utensils, Direct TV, a coffee maker, and more. At Goose Pond, you can relax while fishing, canoeing, bow hunting, upland game hunting, and other activities as seasonal regulations permit. Our affordable cabin rentals give you access to unique wildlife watching experiences that you and your family will never forget.

Contact us to reserve your cabin today. Our vacation rentals are located in Linton, Indiana, within one mile of Greene-Sullivan State Forest.